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Quantum Thermodynamics is a network of researchers that was first set up as the COST network MP1209 - "Thermodynamics in the quantum regime”.

Scope: Modern technologies miniaturise to the nanoscale and into the quantum regime where they soon reach limits where the applicability of standard notions of thermodynamics is not known. Our goal is to significantly advance the theory of thermodynamics and statistical physics, with a focus on applicability in the quantum regime, and realise nanoscale and quantum thermodynamics experiments. Our research aims to establish and grow the scientific basis that can underpin future thermodynamic technologies at the nanoscale.

Topics in the field of Quantum Thermodynamics -QTD- include: equilibration, thermalisation, and emergence of canonical states in quantum systems; thermodynamic machines at the nanoscale; thermodynamic and information-theoretic relations for general quantum systems; fluctuation relations for non-equilibrium dynamics of nanoscale systems; heat and charge transport at the nanoscale; open quantum systems.

The QTD network consists of researchers working in more than 32 countries. This website,  managed by IFISC (CSIC-UIB) provides a platform for announcements of events and job positions related to QTD.

The information will be

  • checked by a moderator
  • sent by e-mail to QTD network members (currently ca 300)
  • listed on this website.

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To upload an announcement you need to register here and then log in. Once logged in you will be able to send announcements using the link in the dropdown menu "user panel".

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