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Summary of latest Events and Positions announcements.

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Quarantine Thermo Seminar Series
March 1, 2020 - Jan. 1, 2021 , Online

Dear all, My group in Dublin is hosting a series of international seminars (Quarantine Thermo) which are streamed live on YouTube live (with recordings for those who cannot make the live broadcast). So far the standard of talks has been excellent and well received by those who are participating. The news of the series has mainly been spread by social media and in case you are (understandably) avoiding it - here is link to the mail-list:

Lake Como School on "Thermodynamics of quantum systems and processes"
Aug. 31, 2020 - Sept. 4, 2020 , Como, Italy

The goal of this school is to provide a broad yet technical overview of the emerging field of thermodynamics of quantum systems and processes, with a series of lectures given by leading experts in the field. The school is mainly addressed to PhD students, advanced master students and postdocs, and aims to train a new generation of researchers in a field that, in light of its emerging character, sees a shortage of specialized scientists.

"Quantum thermoelectrics and heat currents at the nanoscale" minicoloquium at the CMD2020GEFES
Aug. 31, 2020 - Sept. 4, 2020 , Madrid, Spain

The minicoloquium is enclosed in the "CMD2020GEFES Condensed Matter in Madrid" conference combining the biennial meetings of the Condensed Matter Divisions of the EPS and of the RSEF. It will provide an excellent opportunity for bringing together theoreticians and experimentalists from different fields such as molecular electronics, quantum dots and metallic nanocontacts, all working under the common umbrella of thermal conductance and thermoelectricity. Abstract submission is open.

Update on 'Quantum thermoelectrics and heat currents at the nanoscale' minicoloquium at the CMD2020G
Aug. 31, 2020 - Sept. 4, 2020 , On-line!

The CMD2020GEFES conference goes on-line. You can submit your abstracts to the mini-colloquium on "Quantum thermoelectrics and heat currents at the nanoscale". It will contain oral on-line as well as pre-recorded talks, and poster sessions. No coffee in coffee-breaks (except if self-provided), but registration is free! Invited speakers: Nicolás Agraït (Madrid) Geneviève Fleury (Paris Saclay) Bayan Karimi (Aalto) Fabian Pauly (Okinawa) Björn Sothmann (Duisburg) Herre van der Zant (Delft)

update on: Quantum ThermoDynamics (QTD) conferences in years 2020, 2021, 2022
Oct. 19, 2020 - Oct. 23, 2020 , QTD goes Online in 2020: 19-23 October - save the dates

Please note that due to the pandemic the QTD conference plans have changed. QTD2020 will now take place ONLINE (not in Barcelona) 19-23October2020 — please watch out for updates and programme details at *** QTD2021 is planned to take place in Barcelona, likely in late spring 2021. *** QTD2022 is planned to take place in Belfast, likely in summer 2022. *** Updates will be posted here. Best wishes, Janet

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PhD position
Oct. 1, 2020 - April 1, 2024 , University of Exeter

We are looking for motivated students to work on the thermodynamics of strongly coupled open quantum systems and tweak the design of quantum-thermodynamic cooling cycles. This award provides annual funding to cover UK/EU/International tuition fees and a tax-free stipend. The studentship will be awarded on the basis of merit for 3.5 years of full-time study to commence in October 2020 or as soon as possible thereafter. Earlier start dates can be discussed.

Postdoctoral Fellow position in QuSys Group (Group Leader: Goold)
Oct. 1, 2020 , Trinity College Dublin

There is an opening for a postdoctoral fellow to work at the QuSys Group at Trinity College Dublin starting around October 2020 with some flexibility in the precise date. For details please see here:

PhD position at Trinity College Dublin (QuSys Group)
Sept. 1, 2020 - Sept. 1, 2024 , Trinity College Dublin

A fully funded PhD position is available at Trinity College Dublin working with QuSys group lead by Prof. John Goold. Please click the link for details.

Postdoc position in Quantum Thermodynamics Theory
Aug. 4, 2020 - Aug. 27, 2020 , University of Potsdam (near Potsdam/Berlin)

A Postdoc position in Quantum Thermodynamics Theory is available for 2yr+2yr at the University of Potsdam (near Potsdam/Berlin) to work with Janet Anders and Carsten Henkel. Full-time/part-time arrangements are possible. Salary is at least €45k per year, determined by TV-L 13 Ost. Application deadline: 17th August 2020 by email to Mrs Derlig: Details: available at web-link or contact

Assistant Professor (tenure track)
July 20, 2020 - Sept. 30, 2020 , Singapore University of Technology and Design

The Science, Mathematics and Technology (SMT) cluster has an open position to hire a tenure-track Assistant Professor with a strong record of scholarly research, and with a PhD in any of the following fields: Applied Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics and related areas. Candidates must be committed to excellence in teaching at the undergraduate and graduate levels and to develop and maintain an active research program.

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