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Summary of latest Events and Positions announcements.

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Quantum Thermodynamics Down Under 2023
Nov. 7, 2023 - Nov. 10, 2023 , 308 Queen Street, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

QTDU2023 will bring Australian, Asia-Pacific, and international researchers in quantum thermodynamics together to foster new connections and collaborations. Topics may include: fundamental questions in quantum thermodynamics (QT), benefits and applications of quantum thermal machines, connections between QT and other fields such as quantum information and quantum biology, and incorporating QT in outreach activities. Abstract submissions open until Jun 30 2023.

Quantum Thermodynamics Down Under 2023
Nov. 7, 2023 - Nov. 10, 2023 , Brisbane, Australia

We are excited to announce the inaugural Quantum Thermodynamics Down Under (QTDU) conference! QTDU2023 will be a showcase of quantum thermodynamics research from Australia, the Asia-Pacific and further afield. Topics include (but are not limited to): fundamental questions in quantum thermodynamics; quantum thermal machines; and applications of quantum thermodynamics. Wherever you are in the world, we invite you to attend this 4-day, in-person conference.

Quantum Energy Initiative 2023
Nov. 20, 2023 - Nov. 24, 2023 , Singapore

We are delighted to announce the first workshop of the Quantum Energy Initiative (QEI). The QEI aims to structure a worldwide and interdisciplinary community of experts caring about the physical resource cost of emerging quantum technologies, and willing to develop scientific approaches to estimate and minimize these costs.

International Conference on Quantum Energy
Dec. 4, 2023 - Dec. 6, 2023 , Melbourne, Austrlia

The International Conference on Quantum Energy 2023, hosted by CSIRO, is the inaugural event of a biennial convention that focuses on the multifaceted topic of energy in quantum systems. This three-day conference brings a cross-disciplinary perspective on the fundamental understanding and technical engineering of quantum systems for energy harvesting, conversion, storage, and transport processes.

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PhD position on the resource cost of quantum computing
Jan. 1, 2024 - Dec. 31, 2027 , MajuLab, Centre for Quantum Technologies, Singapore

A 4-year PhD position is available, on the resource cost of quantum computing, focused on full-stack aspects and fundamental hardware considerations. The successful candidate will be enrolled in the CQT PhD programme. The project is part of the ANR-NRF “QuRes” project and will be co-supervised by Associate Prof. Hui Khoon Ng (Yale-NUS, MajuLab, CQT) and Dr. Alexia Auffèves (CNRS, MajuLab, CQT). It contributes to the international effort of the recently launched Quantum Energy Initiative.

Research Fellow in Many-Body Quantum Thermodynamics (Theory - 2 years)
Sept. 26, 2023 , Singapore University of Technology and Design and Centre for Quantum Technologies

We are searching for one talented and motivated research fellow for theoretical exploration quantum thermodynamics for many-body quantum systems. The candidate will be working with Assoc. Prof. Dario Poletti at the Singapore University of Technology and Design, and at the Centre for Quantum Technologies in Singapore. Contact directly with your CV and research experience summary. Strong background in numerical computations is preferred.

Quantum thermodynamics of electronic and hybrid devices (theory)
June 16, 2023 - Aug. 7, 2023 , Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden

Announcement for two positions at Chalmers (group of Janine Splettstoesser). The positions will be part of a newly granted ERC Consolidator Grant project, dealing with energy conversion in nanoelectronic and hybrid devices. PhD position   Postdoc

Two post-doc positions on energetics of quantum technologies, Singapore
April 1, 2023 , MajuLab, Centre for Quantum Technologies, Singapore

We are searching for two talented and motivated post-docs to explore energetics of quantum measurement and energetics of quantum computing in the NISQ era. The post-doctoral fellows will join the Singapore branch of the quantum energy team (QET located inside the Centre for Quantum Technologies. Vibrant environment, exciting problems with potentially strong societal impact. Details of the position here:

Postdoc position in quantum and stochastic thermodynamics
April 1, 2023 - Oct. 1, 2023 , Insitute for Cross-Disciplinaary Physics and Complex Systems, Mallorca, Spain.

Postdoctoral position (1 + 1) years to work with Gonzalo Manzano. I am seeking for a highly motivated researcher with previous experience in the fields of quantum and/or stochastic thermodynamics. Topics include: Martingale theory, thermodynamics of information and gambling, fluctuation relations, quantum systems under continuous monitoring, nonequilibrium reservoirs, quantum thermal machines and clocks, as well as multidisciplinary applications. Aplications welcomed until 10 March 2023.

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