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Announcements of graduate/PhD/postdoctoral fellowships and other contracts related to quantum thermodynamics.

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PhD positions in theoretical quantum thermodynamics, open quantum systems, and quantum control.
Oct. 1, 2021 , Bar-Ilan University (Tel Aviv district) Israel

Fully funded PhD positions are available with the Levy research group at Bar-Ilan University (Tel Aviv district), Israel ( The research interests of the group include theoretical research in the fields of quantum thermodynamics, quantum control, open quantum systems, and related fields. The starting date is October 2021 (with flexibility). More information can be found at our web page:

Postdoc position on Quantum Thermodynamics of Topological Materials at University of Twente
Sept. 12, 2021 , University of Twente, the Netherlands

The research group of Prof. Inanc Adagideli at the University of Twente is looking to appoint a postdoctoral researcher starting as early as fall 2021. The successful candidate will be working on the theory of the interactions between nuclear spins and topological edge states from the point of view of quantum thermodynamics and quantum transport. For more information see

PhD position in the Theory of Controlled Quantum Systems
Sept. 1, 2021 , Trinity College Dublin

A PhD position has opened in the newly established Theory of Controlled Quantum Systems group at Trinity College Dublin (TCD), led by Mark Mitchison. The group’s research lies at the intersection of open quantum systems, non-equilibrium statistical physics, and quantum information. See the group website for more details and how to apply:

July 28, 2021 , Ecole Normale Supérieure of Lyon, France

We are looking for a candidate with experience in either quantum measurement theory, quantum heat engines, quantum stochastic thermodynamics OR quantum open system theory, to work on projects at the interface of thermodynamics and quantum measurement, starting in Fall 2021, as part of the ANR project QSTEAM. Interested candidates are encouraged to send a CV at .

Postdoc position: magnomechanics close to the quantum limit
July 7, 2021 - Aug. 4, 2021 , University of Jyväskylä

We are looking for a theoretical physicist with expertise in open quantum systems to work in the project 'Microwave optomechanics with magnons'. This project focuses on the study of magnomechanical systems close to the quantum limit. The aim is to study the phenomena resulting from the coupling of vibrations and driven magnetic resonance and especially the role of spin-orbit torque in the quantum limit of magnetisation precession.

3year Postdoc position in open quantum systems, exciton-phonon interactions, energy transfer
July 5, 2021 - July 22, 2021 , University of Exeter

We are looking for a theoretical physicist with expertise in open quantum systems, quantum thermodynamics, quantum optics, light-matter interactions, exciton-phonon models, OR energy transfer in small quantum systems.

June 2, 2021 - June 30, 2021 , University of York, UK

The project will explore many-body effects in finite-time quantum thermodynamic processes including signatures of quantum phase transitions. Candidates should have experience in programming and a good background in many-body theory and quantum mechanics. This PhD is fully funded for UK nationals (or students who have acquired similar fee status) only. Interested candidates should contact: Irene D’Amico, University of York, UK,

Post-Doctoral Research Position in Open Quantum Systems and Quantum Thermodynamcs
May 31, 2021 - June 30, 2021 , University of Basel, Switzerland

The Quantum Thermodynamics Group at the University of Basel is looking for an open-minded, creative, enthusiastic, responsible, and ambitious person with an independent work style and the ability to work in different teams and build international networks.

PhD or Postdoc Position in Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics and Open Quantum Systems Theory
April 26, 2021 , Quantum Information Group at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

I am looking for either a PhD student or Postdoc to work with me on theoretical problems at the intersection of nonequilibrium statistical mechanics and open quantum systems theory. The preferred starting date for PhDs is September 2021 or as soon as possible after that (the starting date for Postdocs would be more flexible). For more information, please see the link.

Theory postdoc "Local probes of dissipation"
April 1, 2021 , Strasbourg (France)

A two-year postdoc with Rodolfo Jalabert & Dietmar Weinmann (IPCMS, Strasbourg) in collaboration with Denis Basko & Rob Whitney (LPMMC, Grenoble). The candidate will theoretically explore how and where dissipation occurs in "non-local" quantum transport. He/she will use modelling of local probes of nanoscale systems to address fundamental questions of quantum thermodynamics. This is motivated by recent experimental breakthroughs in local probes. Start date: first-half of 2021.